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Advanced Architectural Rendering


This course covers advanced techniques in architectural rendering over the span of three weeks. Students will develop a skill set allowing them to create complex, photorealistic visualizations through live demonstration, guided practice and group critique.

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    Dumbo, NY
  • Duration
    03 weeks full time
  • Dates
    Aug 16 - Aug 28 2021; 8 seats M-F 10am-5pm Dumbo, NY
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  • Prerequisites

    An understanding of the basics of 3D modeling and rendering is required

Course description

Students will learn the process of creating photorealistic architectural renderings while developing proficiency with current workflows in 3D modeling, shader development, landscape generation, lighting and atmospheric effects, as well as learn how to source, manage, and improve third party 3D assets. Each student will work to produce one exterior and one interior image of Alvar Aalto's Maison Louis Carre. This course is taught entirely in 3ds Max.

Programs taught

Course work

  • Week 1

    The first week will be focused on exterior rendering workflows. Students will be given a basic and incomplete starting model of the building and it's site to improve, detail, texture and light.

    Detailing a Building

    Lessons will be centered around how to improve and remodel key elements of the building. We will discuss methods of modeling a building from drawings as well as importing models from different 3D softwares.

    Material and Mapping Techniques

    Lessons on creating varied and layered shaders ranging from weathered building materials and patinaed metals to realistic wood planks and glass.

    Natural Lighting and Atmospherics

    Students will explore natural approaches to lighting pulling references from photography and learn to create a variety of lighting and atmosphere conditions, from a clear sunny day to a foggy moody dusk.

    Aalto Exterior Landscape Half Half
  • Week 2

    In the second week the focus will shift to interior renderings. Students will each be tasked with realistically modeling and texturing a piece of furniture. They will then detail and light an interior scene featuring their piece of furniture composed with other assets from a provided 3D asset library.

    Complex Modeling and Lighting

    We will revisit the concepts of week one in determining where and how to improve the initial model, this time on a more zoomed in scale for the interior.

    Lessons will focus on modeling complex pieces of furniture, simulating fabric elements like curtains and pillows, and techniques on creating realistic rugs. We will also go over techniques in balancing natural and artificial lighting and how to quickly iterate multiple lighting scenarios.

  • Week 3

    In the final week, students will spend the majority of their time finalizing and improving different elements in their two scenes. Lessons will cover advanced techniques in creating realistic landscaping and foliage, finishing techniques and general troubleshooting.

    Forest Pack

    Learn the industry standard instancing plugins from iToo Software.

    Advanced Scene Management

    We will review ways to keep 3D scenes fast and responsive, using features like xrefs and proxies.

    Post Production Workflows

    While the majority of the work we do is in 3D softwares, we will go over different techniques in finalizing images and different post processing tools and softwares.

    Aalto Interior Landscape Half Half
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Advanced Architectural Rendering
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