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Intro to Unreal Engine and AR/VR


This course will give students an introduction to Unreal Engine and its core functionality. Beginning from basics, by the end of the course students will have a working understanding of the real-time rendering pipeline and will be able to import assets, build environments, and create interactive experiences for AR/VR devices in UE4.

  • Learning options
    Dumbo, NY
  • Duration
    6 weeks part time
  • Dates
    Jul 12 - Jul 23 2021; seats M-F 10am-5pm Dumbo, NY
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  • Prerequisites

    Some experience in 3D content creation is preferable but not required.

Course description

Introduction to Unreal Engine and AR/VR for Professionals is a comprehensive introduction to real time rendering and XR technologies. The course will start with a look at the inner workings of real time rendering engines and will finish with students creating and presenting their own projects. Along the way we will be introducing practical skills and techniques in Unreal Engine for achieving compelling and interactive content. This course is meant for anyone interested in learning Unreal Engine for professional applications, however it is a great starting point for those interested in games and much more!

Programs taught

Course work

  • Part 1: 3D Basics and Real-Time Rendering

    In part 1 of this course students will start by reviewing the basics and building on that knowledge to understand what real-time rendering engines like UE4 bring to the table. All the while building familiarity with Unreal Engine.

    3D Content

    We will review the different components that make up 3D assets and how those components effect rendering.

    Real-Time vs Ray-Tracing and Other PBR Methods

    At a high level we will approach the differences that make real-time rendering unique while highlighting the blurred lines.

    Introduction to the UE4 Editor

    Students will encounter a comprehensive introduction to the editor and it's different parts.

    Space Earth
  • Part 2: The Render Pipeline, Materials, and Space

    Part 2 dives deeper to give students a working understanding of the real-time rendering pipeline and how UE4 represents those features in the editor.

    The Real-Time Rendering Pipeline

    Learn about how game engines create interactive worlds using the GPU.

    Shading and Materials

    Students will dive into the process of adding color and texture to their 3D assets on a conceptual basis and inside Unreal Engine.

    All sorts of Space

    We will explore the ways that game engines use coordinate systems and transformations to create dynamic content. We will also touch on physics systems in this context.

    Build Materials, Light Scenes, and Generate levels Inside of Unreal Engine

    Build practical hands-on skills in the editor to create compelling environments.

    Material Interface 3
  • Part 3: AR/VR Considerations and Methods

    Students will take what they have learned thus far and apply it to creating compelling immersive experiences in AR/VR.

    Introduction to AR/VR Fundamentals

    A thorough introduction to AR/VR hardware and design considerations will be complimented with hands on experience inside provided headsets.

    Blueprints and AR/VR Development in UE4

    Students will receive a miniature bootcamp in programming dynamic content and interactions using UE4's powerful blueprints editor. Specifically we will be learning to set up AR/VR headsets in UE4 and create extendable and modular interactions with motion controllers.

    Blueprint stacked 2
  • Part 4: Bringing it All Together

    Bringing everything learned throughout the course students will create an experience of their own!

    Jump in and Create an Experience of your own Design

    With instructor support each student will generate a concept and execute on building an experience in Unreal Engine.

    Share Your Concept with the Community

    On the final day students will share what they have built with the ARI community.

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Intro to Unreal Engine and AR/VR
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