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Unreal Engine Blueprint Bootcamp


Take a deep dive into adding interactive and dynamic elements in Unreal Engine using blueprints, UE4’s powerful visual scripting language. Beginning from basics and with no prior programming experience required, students will learn to leverage blueprints to develop complex mechanics and leverage some of what Unreal Engine has to offer.

  • Learning options
    Dumbo, NY
  • Duration
    01 Week part time
  • Dates
    Jun 21 - Jun 25 2021; 12 seats M-F 7-10pm Dumbo, NY
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  • Prerequisites

    Experience in Unreal Engine 4 Editor.

Course description

Unreal Engine Blueprint Bootcamp is a comprehensive look into UE4's visual scripting language, blueprints. This course is aimed at students or professionals with prior experience with 3D content creation, Unreal Engine, or another game engine. No programming experience is required. Throughout the week we will explore topics including UI creation, game play mechanics, and managing input with a focus on design patterns and efficiency.

Programs taught

Course work

  • Visual Scripting Paradigms: Translating Ideas to Script

    Learn to think through the building blocks of an experience and translate those ideas into blueprints.

    Learn Programming Without Writing Code

    Blueprints provides a great way for students to learn concepts relating to programming without all the fuss. This knowledge is highly transferable to fully fledged programming languages.

    Build Quickly and Test Often

    Students will learn to quickly prototype things using blueprints and test them in the editor.

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  • Performance and Extensibility Considerations

    Create Highly Performant Features in Blueprints

    Get in depth knowledge of performance considerations and optimization features within blueprints and the editor.

    Create Modular Features that are Easy to Build On

    Learn to apply design patterns to create blueprints that are easy to maintain and even easier to extend.

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  • Game/Experience Building Blocks

    Putting Blueprints in Motion

    Students will create a puzzle game/experience using the skills they have developed thus far.

    Building Fully Fledged Experiences

    This course will finish with a total overview of the many building blocks that go into developing full experiences.

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Unreal Engine Blueprint Bootcamp
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