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About ARI

ARI teaches computer graphics courses through both live and pre-recorded, online lessons. Our curriculum is designed to be a comprehensive and customizable learning experience, with options for learning at-your-own-pace or with live instruction.


ARI is directed by a team of designers and technologists who are passionate about digital visualization.

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Michael Klausmeier

ARI is led by Michael, who has over a decade of professional experience in CG visualization and has collaborated with a range of industries. Michael graduated with a B.S. from Princeton University.
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Tyler Barker

Tyler is a CG artist with extensive experience in architectural visualization. His work focuses on creative applications of CG technology. Tyler completed his B.Arch from Cornell University. Tyler is a V-Ray Licensed Trainer.
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Jacob Feldman

Jacob is a technologist and creator with a passion for developing VR/AR experiences. He received his B.A. in Computer Science and Physics from Colgate University. Jacob is an Unreal Licensed Trainer.
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Steven Ren

Steven is a VR and architectural designer. He has diverse experience in design and technology from his time at SOM and Tesla. Steven graduated from Cornell with a B.Arch.
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Vincent Roca

Vincent is a designer with a background in interior and product rendering. He previously worked as a Senior 3D Designer at Wayfair. Vincent holds a B.A. from Boston College. Vincent is a V-Ray Licensed Trainer.

The School

ARI teaches cutting edge CG knowledge, with a curriculum that covers the practices and industry secrets in visualization.

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Lifetime Access

Access your online course at any time. Full technical support guaranteed. Learn when you want and at your own pace.

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On-Demand Learning

ARI curriculum teaches through both live and recorded lectures, tutorials, and exercises. No more unanswered questions in the comments section - enrollment comes with on-demand support and instructor help.

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Our CG Community

ARI is committed to providing an accessible learning experience to all. We offer student discounts to all those enrolled in school at any level, and are working with our partners to offer need-based scholarships.

Frequently asked questions
  • How are ARI Online courses structured?

    Online courses are designed as video tutorials, with independent exercises to submit for a certificate of completion. Contents and exercises vary by course. Enrollment comes with lifetime access-- students can watch and review videos and course contents as many times as they need.

  • Is software included in my online course?

    We do not offer free software with our online courses. However, 3dsMax, V-Ray, and Rhino all have free 30-day trial options. If you do not have the necessary software, we recommend using this free trial to complete our online courses.

  • How can I access my ARI Online course?

    Create an ARI account with the same email address that you used to enroll in your course. After doing so, the course should appear in your Dashboard after you activate your account and login.

  • Which course is right for me?

    We encourage students to reach out if they require assistance in determining which course is the best fit. Generally, our Intro to Visualization course is curated for designers with little to no visualization and limited 3D modeling experience. No previous experience with 3dsMax, Rhino, Revit, or SketchUp is required for this course. Our Advanced and Unreal courses are designed for students who have 3D modeling experience, but little to no visualization experience. Students who are familiar with 3dsMax, Rhino, Revit, or SketchUp but unfamiliar with Vray and a visualization workflow are encouraged to enroll in either of these two courses.

  • What is included with my enrollment fee?

    Enrollment includes access to an assigned, individual workstation complete with all relevant software and digital assets. Students will have access to their workstation during enrollment, including after course hours during the week and weekend. Course fees also include instructors’ fees.

  • If I need to cancel my enrollment, will I get a full refund on my deposit?

    Online courses are non-refundable. For ARI Live courses, we offer full refunds for cancellations within three days of enrollment. After three business days, all deposits are non-refundable. Enrollment credits are issued to cancellations within 14-30 days before courses begin. These credits can be applied to enroll in a future course. If you cannot attend due to a medical emergency, we will remit credit for you to attend another course in a future date.

  • What is required for enrollment?

    For Introduction to Visualization courses, no previous experience is required. For Master and Unreal Engine courses, previous experience with 3D modeling or enrollment in Introduction to Visualization is required. To enroll in a course, please fill out the Enroll form linked to each course page.

  • When is the deadline to enroll?

    Registration closes one week before courses begin.

  • Do you offer financial aid?

    We currently only offer student discounts, at a rate of 15% off enrollment fees. Please reach us at learn@ari.school and provide a copy of your student ID and current proof of registration, and we will provide you with a discount code.

  • Do any classes have prerequisites?

    We ask that students with no previous 3D modeling experience first enroll in our Introduction courses before enrolling in Advanced courses. Our Advanced courses are designed for students with some previous 3D modeling experience.

  • When am I charged for the remaining tuition?

    After paying the 25% deposit, you will be sent an invoice 30 days before the course begins. The remaining tuition invoice must be paid within three business days. If tuition is not paid, your name will be dropped from enrollment.

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