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3D Pumpkin Carving Contest

Share your scariest render with ARI for a cash prize!
By contact@ari.school

ARI is excited to announce its first Halloween rendering competition! In the spirit of the season, we previously modeled a custom 3D pumpkin and a 3D carved pumpkin on our Twitch channel ARI_school. Now we're making our models public and challenging everyone wanting to get into the spirit of Halloween to render these into their own Halloween-themed image. We'll announce the winners and honorable mentions on our weekly Twitch stream on November 5 at 12:00pm EST.

Contest Details

Deadline: Sunday, November 1 11:59PM EST

Instructions: Create a rendered image incorporating one of the ARI pumpkins, or using your own! The scene must be fully rendered, with a white-on-white render also submitted as proof. Entrants can download the 3D pumpkins here, or model and render their own, custom pumpkin.

Submission Requirements: Anyone can enter this contest! You do not have to be an ARI student or designer. All final submissions must be emailed to learn@ari.school. (1) Final images should be square JPG formatted at 3000 x 3000 pixels. In addition to one final render, please also submit: (2) a white-on-white render JPG of the same scene at 3000 x 3000 pixels; (3) list of software used to create the scene; and (4) your complete name, email, and city or country of residence.

Prizes: $300, $150, $50 + 2 honorable mentions.

Note: Personal data collected from submissions will only be retained and used for submitting prizes to winners. All personal data will be deleted thereafter. By submitting your image to learn@ari.school, you agree to allow ARI to share the image on its social media channels and website.

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